ian2Ian Clarkson

Ian Clarkson founded Celerant Consulting in 1987 and sold it in 2012 to Hitachi of Japan. When Celerant was sold it was one of the 10 largest operational consultancies in the world with a global footprint, 600 full-time employees and more than $140m of revenue.
He is currently working on the education agenda in the UK combining strategy and practicality through the Chairmanship of Bright Field Consulting and participation as a director of 2 large Academy schools

ian-1Ian Wigston

Ian Wigston is a co-founder of Bright Field Consulting. Originally a banker, Ian developed and built one of the first Innovation Units in Europe for Barclays. He has been working as an independent consultant for 20 years.
He has specialised in education for most of that time, and was inspired to establish Bright Field having established a reputation for originality and innovation across a range of client projects. These have included the DfES Innovation Unit, Odyssey Charter School, the Learning Schools Trust and Woodard Corporation.
As part of a team, Ian conceived the idea for a young persons predisposition measure and in tandem with the Academic Magician  Professor Todd Landman designed and developed  a programme for schools combining behavioural feedback and magic. He has since worked with the author and consultant Richard Gerver and opera director Karen Gillingham on programmes in  which students develop their entrepreneurial potential and their understanding of character and identity.
Ian has a BA(Econ) from Nottingham University, an MBA from Henley Management College and is a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2005.
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hilaryHilary Wigston

Hilary is a co-founder of Bright Field and is a Director and the company secretary. A teacher and school leader for 30 years, she worked in both the maintained and independent sectors.
Since becoming a consultant, she had qualified as both an executive coach and workplace mediator. She works with education leaders, families and young people.
Her work with clients includes the design and delivery of student development and leadership programmes, coaching programmes and leadership team direction-setting workshops for educators. She is currently completing the development of a new Family Workshop, enabling families to better communicate and make decisions.
Hilary has a BEd and, in addition to her coaching, mentoring and mediation qualifications, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
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